More camo-markers on the board

This time I'm adding pictures of a few of my dear new units which I have just recently painted. Haqqislam doesn't have too many unit's with camouflage, but I decided it's time to harness all that I've got, since I discovered that I could fight back those hordes of heavy infantry with a couple of deployable repeaters(Hunzakut's) and my Tuareg's WIP of 15 and his hacking device. So now I have this gang of two Tuaregs and a Hunzakut ready to go. Besides, it's time for me to finally get to the age of TO:Camouflage-warfare too. Again, pictures of all of my painted units can be found in my Haqq-gallery.

Now I have a total of 666 points of Haqqislam units painted up, comprising 22 figures and new figures are waiting on my painting table. But there's still quite a lot to do.

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