Yea, I made rocks

Heya, long time no see.
I haven't been updating the blog very often, neither have I done anything but a little of something here and there on wargaming's behalf. The Infinity league I mentioned earlier is yet to be launched, propably the plans will cripple under the weight of fall's A-levels. Hopefully Veli and I will still have time to arrange a small Infinity-tournament to play with our friends before the end of this summer.
In the summer holiday I have had more time for leisure activities, and the little scenery-fanatic inside me is dying to build some cool terrain for our games. I've already started making different kinds of terrain pieces but haven't managed to finish anything. Until today. 
I decided that I'd have to make something quick and easy to get myself going, and the last time I was at my friend's spectating a match of Warhammer I was inspired by the old pieces of scenery we used to make together when we were younger. So I decided to make something simple too.
 So I grabbed a handful of white modelling material and decided to make rocks. I shaped them with my fingers and this is how they came out after some filing and painting. I included a picture with a Janissaire to demonstrate the scale.

Hopefully I'll see you soon!


Yu Jing Zhanshis

It has been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. I haven't been too active with the hobby in the past few months, but now it's summer and all kinds of plans and ideas begin to take shape in my head yet again. I have made some progress on my everlasting eternity project to make a table-load of terrain for Infinity. But there are no WIP-pictures whatsoever.

Zhanshi Hacker

Couple of days ago I finished painting a Zhanshi with a hacking device for Yu Jing. There is not much to say about this mini, I followed the paint scheme of other Zhanshis I had painted earlier. (Picture below) I'm not pleased with how the glowing effect of the hacking equipment came out, I guess I need to work on that a little more. I gave in with this mini, though.