New figures added in Haqq-gallery

I added pics of yet another two units in the gallery, which are Ahl Fassed heavy infantry with a boarding shotgun and a chainrifle-equipped KUM.

Ahl Fassed was basically painted with a grey primer and a coat of Badab Black. I've never liked the unit very much and only purchased it 'cause it was on sale. In addition it needed to be ready for a tournament the same day so the mini was really painted in a hurry.


Yu Jing reinforcements have arrived!

Zhanshi beating the crap out of puppy. Really.
As the commander of my Yu Jing army, I regret to inform you that past few months haven´t been.. productive measured in painted Infinity-figures. Although it was my intention to make some scenery for Infinity as well, I haven´t managed to get things started and have settled to playing with half-finished terrain pieces. However, despite my indolence Infinity fever has taken over our local community of wargamers and I have played more games than normally, most of which were defeats. Su Jian has died in every game it has attended killing about puny 20 points worth of opponents' units, and that's combined total! Sad, I know.

Recently I got a load of figures for half-a-price, including a couple of Yaokongs and Aragotos and a Domaru as well. Like I didn't have enough Yu Jing waiting on the shelves already.. I still can't wait to get them on the battlefield, because theren't haven't been too much diversity in my lists lately, most of which have consisted of a few HI units and some Zhanshis game after another.

I haven't posted pictures of my newest Yu Jing units which I have finished, so here's something for you to take a look at:

Wu Ming
Mech Engineer
Let me know what you think, as feed back is always welcome.


More camo-markers on the board

This time I'm adding pictures of a few of my dear new units which I have just recently painted. Haqqislam doesn't have too many unit's with camouflage, but I decided it's time to harness all that I've got, since I discovered that I could fight back those hordes of heavy infantry with a couple of deployable repeaters(Hunzakut's) and my Tuareg's WIP of 15 and his hacking device. So now I have this gang of two Tuaregs and a Hunzakut ready to go. Besides, it's time for me to finally get to the age of TO:Camouflage-warfare too. Again, pictures of all of my painted units can be found in my Haqq-gallery.

Now I have a total of 666 points of Haqqislam units painted up, comprising 22 figures and new figures are waiting on my painting table. But there's still quite a lot to do.


Heya, Ghulam infantry incoming

Haven't been too active in this blog but now that I've had the time and patience to get myself take new pictures of my Haqqislam models, I thought I'd finally post them in my Haqq-gallery. More pictures of other units will be added in the near future since last month I painted four(!) new models. I've also managed to play some three games of Infinity in the past couple of weeks so our local Infinity gaming community is still in good shape.

Also, the looks of this blog will be changed a little bit any time soon.


Fantasy Terrain: A House

Woah it's been a while since i last posted something here!

There havent been much to tell about though, since there haven't been much happening in the hobbyscene for my part. However, I have managed to continue with the wyvern sculpting project. The tail and the neck are taking shape, but there's no need for pics yet.

And, once again I got carried away with painting my Empire army, which has been my long lasting job still not completed after many years. Maybe I´ll post some pictures about the army later.
As for the topic..

Today, yesterday and the day before yesterday I've been busy and excited about my new terrain project: New buildings for upcoming miniature gaming day! I started making a cheap cardboard house which is now in a stage where I only lacks the paintjob. There's a chance I might tell you more about making the terrain piece, but now you'll just have to settle with watching these WIP pics :)