Yu Jing Yáokòng Húsóng

So this is my first post here. I play Yu Jing and most of my posts are likely to contain some minis for the faction. But that's not all, as an beginner sculptor with ambition yet not so much skill I might also let you see my everlasting sculpting projects as soon as I get something started. There is, however one mini I've started to work on although there hasn't been any progress at all lately since I have no clue how it is going to come out. Now to the Yaokong->

Yu Jing Yáokòng Húsóng
Honoured to be the first Infinity miniature here, the Yaokong with HMG is bearing a paintjob that took a fairly short time for me to finish. In my standards of course. Earlier I had a problem because I didn't come up with any good ideas for the paint scheme and it remained unpainted for a shamefully long time. Finally I figured something out after getting to it, I had to get this painted for a local tournament.. After all, it wasn't included in my list but I got it painted.
Here are some pictures:



[Launching...] Split_Sphere

Finally got the blog's looks right, and I must admit I'm quite pleased with how it came out. The background and the title are all self-made so not any "third parties"(Corvus Belli) were offended, eh. So now it would be time to post some wargaming related stuff.

 This blog should mainly be about Corvus Belli's wonderful game Infinity and all kinds of projects around it. That's why the artwork is influenced by the Maya from the world of Infinity. Although most of the posts will contain subjects parallel to the main theme, We're most likely to tell about some other things as well, like ambitious sculpting and scenery projects of ours. We've also planned to put up some sorta gallery of our painted minis as well. As soon as we'll get our local mini-league running, I might post something about that too.

That said, hopefully we'll really post something in the near future.

Erik & Veli