Sculpting project: A Wyvern!

Just started working on a new sculpting project, a wyvern for my little horde of greenskins. Being a kind of a training project, I´m not (propably) going to spend much time working on it yet I have high expectations. The result will not be like the original Wyvern sold in stores, but an incarnation of my own image of a wyvern. This one will have a long neck and the wings will be very close to the feet. I only have added a little putty on the skeleton, so I'll just share this pic of the situation before adding some meat around the bones. You'll hear from this!

I have been lazy with my other projects including Yu Jing, I guess I'm gonna have to play some more Infinity to get the mood on.


[Military Action Report]:Repel Ariadnian intruders

Last Friday I finally managed to play a match of Infinity against a friend of mine. We agreed to play a small match of 150 points per side, which turned out to be a struggle which would take all evening.
 Due to the low points limit I decided to include some special-op skirmishers and a few line infantry soldiers to provide enough orders, thus  leaving my heavy infantry at bay.
While the opposing Ariadnian group wielded many Line Kazak's supported by a couple of scouts and a Vet. Kazak, my force consisted of:
-Hassassin Fiday - a fearless assassin who infiltrates enemy's ranks by impersonating their own comrades
-KUM Motorized Unit - a recruited motorcycling bloodlusty nuthead
 -Hunzakut - a fighter raised and trained in rough mountain conditions of Bourak
- and Ghulam Infantry with a variety of equipment.

 I got to deploy my unit's first and chose the side of the table with high buildings, so I could get my sniper-equipped Ghulam in a good counter sniping position. I also occupied the other end of a large building extending towards the center of the table. Of course, some units were also left on the street level.

  First I advanced on my left flank with the KUM, shooting smoke screens with it's smoke grenade launcher. Under the cover of smoke my sniper got into a sniping position on the rooftops, overviewing enemy positions. The motorcyclist drove through a garden and stopped behind a fence.
As fighting bursted in and above the garden, the three Ghulam and Hunzakut occupying the interiors of the large building got into contact with an enemy scout.
After intense firefights my left flank was crippled: KUM was unconscious after killing enemy paramedic with his chain rifle, and the Ghulam on the rooftops had been slain by a camouflaged enemy sniper. Atleast I had taken control of the large building.
After the Ariadnian Scout had gained the upperhand in sniping, it got into a good sniping position and had a clear line of fire over the garden, which drastically reduced the haqqislamites' chances of advancing. My lieutenant and doctor were supressed .
Large windows were a deathtrap

 The doctor Ghulam tried to slip in to an elevator, but was shot through a window by the sniper before she could reach it.
 Fortunately my Hassassin Fiday was still intact and it's next move was to lurk towards the hiding enemy forces. The assassin entered the garden, camouflaged as an Ariadnian. A line Kazak started to move towards the Fiday and the Fiday moved behind a nearby tree to avoid being recognized by the enemy.
The Line Kazak got in colse and noticed something was not right, as the Fiday noticed he had almost been discovered, he shot the Kazak with his pistol before she could act.
After recamouflaging himself, the assassin advanced towards his next target Veteran Kazak, an Ariadnian heavy infantry trooper. The Fiday quickly got in close contact with the Vet and the close combat was ready to begin. Fiday got to hit first as the Veteran Kazak was utterly surprised, but didn't manage to wound the adversary. In the next round of close combat the Fiday failed again, and the Veteran Kazak crushed him with the strength of his exo-skeleton.
Despite the element of surprise, Fiday failed the day..

After my Fiday had been humiliated, I decided to give in and lose the match, because my Haqqislam force was in a state of retreat.

Well, it happened again. As cool as Fiday is, he always manages to lose his close combats. This time he would have needed anything but 18, 19 or 20 to succeed on a D20. Of course I rolled an eighteen.

It was a good game though :)