Fantasy Terrain: A House

Woah it's been a while since i last posted something here!

There havent been much to tell about though, since there haven't been much happening in the hobbyscene for my part. However, I have managed to continue with the wyvern sculpting project. The tail and the neck are taking shape, but there's no need for pics yet.

And, once again I got carried away with painting my Empire army, which has been my long lasting job still not completed after many years. Maybe I´ll post some pictures about the army later.
As for the topic..

Today, yesterday and the day before yesterday I've been busy and excited about my new terrain project: New buildings for upcoming miniature gaming day! I started making a cheap cardboard house which is now in a stage where I only lacks the paintjob. There's a chance I might tell you more about making the terrain piece, but now you'll just have to settle with watching these WIP pics :)